Welcome to Hillside Stone & Garden. 

Please browse and share our passion for gardens & landscapes, as well as beautiful, natural rocks & stones.  Hillside Stone & Garden offers a vast array of garden and stone products, The selection in our yard is unique, and not found elsewhere on Vancouver Island.  Our pride in quality shows, and our determination to help get your project off the ground is yours to employ.

Service and knowledge is our strength, and we would like to help you.  Let Hillside help make your selection, ordering and delivery a snap.  We can get you, your dirt and your rocks in order.  Our yard displays and “Wall of Fame” can assist you with ideas to get you started.  New displays are constantly under construction by local professionals and artisans.  

This spring, let your garden ideas flourish with our blended soils & mulches.  Hillside topsoil is blended on site, and is a rich mix of black peat, manure, compost and washed sand.  We manufacture both Garden Soil and a lawn soil called “SuperSoil”, which contains a higher nutrient component.  Our inventory also features Composted Cow (also known as steer) manure, Earthbank Fish Compost (a sea soil) and Hillside's own SuperCompost, to assist you insuring maximum fertilization.  Bring your ideas to our knowledgeable staff, and watch them grow!

Hillside Stone & Garden = Maximum yields.


What's new at Hillside Stone & Garden?  


We now offer stone sandblasting - specializing in address markers, garden signs and memorial stones. Click here to check out some of the ones we have done so far. 


Come see our beautiful new display of gemstones and decorative pieces 

 Pre-assembled firepits are on promotion for 20% off!! 

We will always miss Al here at Hillside Stone  




Garden Topsoil Mix

Super Soil Lawn Mix 



Super Compost

Aged Steer (Cow) Manure 

Fine Bark Mulch

Medium Bark Mulch

Cedar Chips


Coarse Concrete Sand

Fine Masonry Sand

3/4" Navvy Jack

3/4" Crushed Clear

1/2" Crushed Clear

3/4" Stone Base

3/8" Cart Path

3/8" Pea Gravel

3/4" Drain Rock

1 1/2" Drain Rock


3/4" & 1 1/2" Crushed Green Ice

3/4" Desert Tan 

Round Rainbow - Variety of Sizes

Crushed Rainbow - Variety of Sizes

Black Lava Rock

Red Lava Rock


3/4" Grey Ice

Blasted Blue Moon Boulders

Weathered Limestone Boulders

4" Minus River Rock  (2-4" Range)

4" Plus River Rock (4-12" Range)


All products can be bagged for your conveience, we also offer 5 gallon pail and garbage can rates!


Did you know we Deliver?! Check out our Delivery Rates here


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