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~ Basalt ~ 


Our Basalt is the result of one of the Earth’s largest lava flows covering an area surrounding central Washington State. Continuous flows of lava, cooling slowly, then being covered with another layer over and over again eventually results in the feature we know as Basalt.  Rarely, the lava cools so slowly that the rock forms into columns.  Also rarely, the basalt columns form close to the surface, so that they can be quarried and extracted

To be quarried, the columns must be extracted from exposed rock ridge faces. From here, the columns can be carefully cut into lengths and diameters. The rock is beautiful in it’s natural state, but can be polished.  Left natural, the columns have a greyish brown outer crust. The crust is a result of sediment settling between the columns.  Crystallization can occur given perfect conditions, and this process results in the highest quality of columns, leaving a pure black interior. 



 Basalt Columns come in a variety of diameters and lengths.  Some quarries produce columns up to 6 feet, 4 to 6 inches in diameter.  Some are quarried at lengths over 20 feet, and as much as 24 inches in diameter.  Smaller columns are produced by lava cooling at a faster rate. 




 Starting at just $38.00 per lineal foot, these columns give great value that immediately enhances your landscape project.



Hillside Stone & Garden has a large selection of columns that have been drilled, also known as Gurglers, for use in water features such as ponds or fountains. We can also custom drill and polish any basalt column to give your project that additional eye popping appeal. Basalt can also be used for a number of other decorative projects including:  Benches, birdbaths, ponds, fountains, monoliths, retaining walls, and sculptures.


Polished or Sand Blasted Basalt:

Basalt Columns can be polished, and brought to a brilliant shine. These polished columns make beautiful feature rocks, and you can work one on one with our sandblasting technician to create the perfect address marker, feature rock, or memorial stone. Please click here to see more of our sandblasted creations.


Dish Rocks:   

Dish rocks are pieces of the same basalt columns, in smaller sizes they make great bird baths and water features or even a wishing well. They can also be polished or drilled to meet your needs. We carry a wide variety of sizes.






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