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Crushed Clear Gravel:

This product is available in both the ½ inch or ¾ inch sizes, Crushed Clear Rock is a popular choices for pathways leading to home entrances, or anywhere in need of drainage.  The name “clear” refers to the absence of a binding agent, meaning less small material to track in on shoes and boots.  The difference between the ½ inch or ¾ inch is mostly appearance, with the ½ inch looking more decorative and less commercial. The benefit of a “clear” product is less moisture retention, so less chance of vegetation taking hold in your pathway.  Installed with a good weed barrier below it, the Crushed Clear Rock should remain relatively weed free.

The issue of depth, like driveways, is still to be considered, as a deep layer of Crushed Clear Rock is more likely to move when walked on. For High Traffic Areas or Driveways we would recommend our 3/4 Stone Base, or 3/8 Cart Path because they contain a binding agent which allow them to pack down and therefore will not shift when walked or driven on.  

These Crushed Clear Products are typically sold in bulk, loaded a 1/2 yard at a time. For your convenience we also carry them in 40lb bags, or you can bring your own 5 gallon pails or garbage cans and we would be happy to load those for you as well.


3/4" Crushed Clear:



1/2" Crushed Clear:



1 Yard of Gravel weighs approximetly 1.2 Tons. 1/2 Ton-3/4 Ton Trucks can typically take 1/2 yard at a time

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