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~ Driveway and Gravel Pathway Tips and Suggestions ~


There are many different material options for Driveways and Pathways.  Various gravel materials offer different results.  The following is only a guide, designed to be of assistance when choosing your material/products.  Much of the decision is really about customer preference.


Most existing Driveways will require only approximately 2 inches of depth of material to resurface it back to original condition.  This is also a variable, since some conditions, such as potholes or deep mud may increase the depth required.




Possible Gravel Options

3/4" Stone Base  is the most popular product for resurfacing Driveways.  Stone Base is a 3/4" crushed rock, with crusher fines as it’s binding agent.  This product will pack down to a hard surface, yet leave a crushed clear appearance on the surface as well as allowing for drainage.  3/4" Stone Base is also superior for filling deep pot holes.


3/8" Cart Path, also known as screenings, is another product that can be used for Driveways or Pathways.  This product is a small, 3/8" minus crushed rock.  Cartpath will create a smooth, hard packed finish.  The downside to these products is the gravel is quite fine, and can be tracked into home entrances on shoes and boots, and will not provide as good of drainage as the 3/4" Stone Base


3/4" Crushed Clear Rock, as the name refers, is crushed rock with no binding agent included in the mix meaning tracking it into homes and entrances will not be an issue.  The biggest problem/mistake with this product is too much depth of material.  Since there is no binding agent, the Crushed Clear Rock has a tendency to move around, hence, less is more. Crushed Clear Rock is popular due to it’s neat and tidy appearance.


1/2" Crushed Clear Rock has the same properties as the above 3/4" Crushed Clear.  Being smaller in size, it is more appealing to the eye.  It tends to look more decorative and less commercial.  The only disadvantage of the smaller dimension is its tendency to get stuck in work boots or tire treads.


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