Ledgestone or Facing Stone

 Available in 3 sizes mini, regular and extra large : It is used mainly for facing of walls but also for borders along gardens, driveways, pathways, low retaining walls, bench legs, etc.


                   Park Valley Green                                                  Whistler Basalt    (with tan mix)                        Turquoise  (Fisheries office in Duncan)

Similar to Drystack Wallstone, this smaller version is lighter weight and simple to install.   Hillside Stone & Garden has a great selection of  Ledgestone.  This stone is available in a variety of colors from greys, gold, silvers, greens, browns, reds, strawberry, tan and black.  Ledgestone is also available in many different sizes and shapes

  Ledgestone is easy to install, and provides a look that only natural stone can deliver.


Mini Ledgestone compares favourably in price with pre-cast concrete block walls or interlocking block walls, however here are some key advantages:  Ledgestone can be built on top of any surface.  If the rock settles a little, not only will you not notice the settling, but it will add to the wall’s charm.  Compare this with a pre-cast block wall, which will show the tiniest bit of settlement with a crack that's visible immediately, and is almost impossible to repair.


Another advantage:  Our stone will not change color or run with lime stains, unlike concrete block.  This is really apparent on coloured block walls after a few years.


Sunset Bronze (looks like petrified wood)                                        White Cloud                                                             Honey


              Klondike  Ledgestone                                                                             Strawberry 


Mini Ledgestone with jumpers. This is a mix of 3 colours




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