Gravel available at Hillside Stone & Garden

3/8 Pea Gravel:

This round rock, sometimes referred to as torpedo gravel, can be used for decorative uses around the perimeter of homes or garden beds. Could also be used for a dog run becasue of its good drainage and ease on your pets feet, it is also becoming the popular choice for childrens play areas... avoiding the slivers that can accompany a bark mulch. This product, and other round rock, is not recommended for pathways as it does not pack down and will shift when walked on. For pathways we would recommend any of our crushed products. For Example 3/8 Cart Path would be great for pathways and 3/4 Stone Base for driveways


1 Yard of Gravel weighs approximetly 1.2 Tons. 1/2 Ton-3/4 Ton Trucks can typically take 1/2 yard at a time

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