Ponds and Water Features at Hillside Stone & Garden


~ Ponds and Water Features ~


A pond or water feature can create a place of relaxation and enjoyment for you and your family.  Whether an outdoor space is used for entertaining or solitude, a water feature can create the oasis your looking for.


Water can be the great equalizer in a noisy yard.  If traffic or noisy neighbours are your problem, water is your solution.  Trickling water adds dimension to even the smallest spaces, and can even cover the noise of a jet flying overhead if the water falls far enough.  Grouping tall stone fountains will add focus and give the eye a place to rest and re-charge.  Consider a stone gurgler to enhance your design, Large or small, a gurgler can centre a bird bath or a fish habitat. If small children are a worry, a pond-less waterfall is an option.  No need to have a deep pool in your yard to have the benefits of a peaceful water feature.

We have a large selection of columns that have been pre-drilled for use in fountains, water features and ponds. We do offer custom drilling of up to 18 inches as well as polishing to give your project that additional eye popping appeal. We can also refer you to some local contractors for larger scale jobs.



 Here at Hillside Stone & Garden we are constantly working on new projects to show you all the things that could be possible for your home and garden. Come take a look at our displays to spark some ideas of your own!!

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