Rose Quartz available at Hillside Stone & Garden


~ Rose Quartz ~


Rose Quartz is an excellent heart healing gemstone. It is a nature remedy that can be used for treating any issue that needs emotional healing. rose Quartz is a pink coloured crystal that carries a very gentle and soothing energy and gives comfort to anyone whose heart has been wounded.


The Remedy Benefits of Rose Quartz:

  • Heals Emotional Body
  • Encourages Self Love
  • Eases Heartache
  • Relieves Loneliness
  • Releases Repressed Hurts
  • Promotes Forgiveness
  • Offers Inner Peace



NEW at Hillside Stone & Garden - Rose Quartz Gift Bags! Bagged up with a variety of sizes ranging from crushed up little peices to larger peices the size of your fist. Great to add to a gift basket, or even just as a nice little gesture for the wife - since it is the stone of love and forgivness afterall - Stop in a grab a few 





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